Summer Training

***Summer Training 2016 Pamphlet***

Army cadets have the opportunity to attend a variety of courses during the summer.  Courses are scheduled in July and August and vary from 2-8 weeks in duration.  Attendance at Cadet Training Centres (CTC) is free. The Canadian Forces provides all transportation, meals, lodging and special equipment. In fact, Cadets receive $60/week as a training bonus for attending. For senior cadets there are also employment opportunities for those that choose to attend CTCs as staff, earning $3000 or more for 8 weeks employment!

The courses are designed to offer a unique mixture of outdoor activities and valuable instruction. They are split into three main categories,General Training, Basic Army Cadet Courses, and Army Cadet Leader Instructor Courses. Cadets participate in activities such as physical education, ceremonial drill, map & compass, marksmanship, and adventure activities (i.e. summer biathlon, canoeing and camping). Community living, also known as barracks life, is a big part of it all and friendships are made that will last a lifetime.

Many Army Cadets also participate in advanced training and international exchanges. The summer training at these levels take place in Alberta, Ontario or many other countries like England, Scotland, or Australia.