2833 Oxford RCACC
Recruiting Contest Rules

1) This contest is similar to a business referral program.   It is open to existing members of 2833 Oxford RCACC only.  In September, each cadet will be given two business cards to start out with. Additional business cards must be requested from the Recruiting Officer (OCdt Calcagno).
If you are bringing in a friend, they must have your business card with them when they join. The recruit will then sign their name on the back of your card, and you will be awarded one point.
The person who brings in the most new recruits (and therefore submits the most business cards) by the end of the year will be awarded a prize that will be announced on 06 Sep 2006!

2) The recruits must stay with the unit until annual inspection.

3) Recruits must join at least three months prior to annual review to contribute to a recruiter’s total.

4) Any cadet who participates in a joint recruiting effort will be awarded partial points (ex. 2 cadets contribute to recruiting 1 person, each cadet receives a half point).

5) For every recruit that a cadet brings in, the cadet will receive a prize from the RCR kitshop or ACL Kitbag. The recruit must stay for at least one month from the time their paperwork is completed.